London Fashion Week: Burberry S/S 2013 - shop it now!

No doubt many of you were viewing the Burberry show via the amazing livestream the label provides each season, so we will save you a long and drawn-out show review. Needless to say, there were plenty of the trademark trench coats and outerwear, but for Spring / Summer 2013, things got brighter and shinier at Burberry than they've been for a very long time. Some have compared the rainbow of belted metallic trenches that closed the show to a tin of Quality Street chocolates - all in jewel shades of blue, pink, purple, green and claret.

Thanks to Burberry's incredible digital initiative, you can order the clothes seconds after they've hit the catwalk - so if you have £2000 to spare for a cropped purple capelet or a lacy wiggle dress, you can place your order now.

Our top tips are the leather trench in green and blue metallic, like poured peacock feathers, and the corset detail silk jackets (long and short) in beautiful degrade silks. We also loved the oversize belted coats in ombre blue and pink, and the delicate lace trench coats in shades of gold and green.

We'd advise you give the big shoulders a miss though - if these make tiny models look like linebackers, imagine what they'll look like on us mere mortals?


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